Shadow flicker occurs when the sun is low on the horizon and shines through the rotating blades of a wind turbine casting a moving shadow. Although in many cases shadow flicker occurs only a few hours in a year, it can potentially inconvenience the people residing close to the wind farm.  

The WinWind project analysed the regulatory framework of Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, and Spain and found that: Germany has a specific guideline that establishes binding limits for mitigating the effect of shadow flicker; in Norway although no limit values are established, guidelines for assessing shadow flicker values were adopted. The other countries have no regulations at all.

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The WinWind project analysed the main health concerns related to shadow-flickers. Here below further readings:

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Technical and socio-economic conditions page 33

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Screening of Technical and Non-Technical regulations, guidelines and recommendations pages 9-11

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